Being a pet owner has many rewards and also is a major responsibility, but we owe it to our pets to protect and care for them to help give them a long & healthy life. With some basic information and “dog sense” you can enjoy their company and ensure happiness for your furry friend!

Doggy Diet ~ Pick a good quality food with high protein to ensure proper growth and tissue repair. For a glossy sheen to your dog’s coat, check foods for essential fatty acids. Our canine friends love meat; however, like us humans, dogs can’t live on meat alone! So, if deciding on “fresh” food to feed, mix correct amounts of rice, veggies, and cereals to provide a nutrient balanced diet. And always take away wet or canned food after 10-15 minutes and give new servings at the next mealtime.

H20 ~ Always have fresh water available for your dog. They lose water even through panting! So keep that bowl clean and refill it to the same level daily for Fido!

Looking Good ~ Inspect your dogs ears, eyes and teeth once a week. From time to time you will need to bathe your furry friend due to a skin irritation, to rid of skin parasites or simply… because they need it! Use appropriate shampoo made for dogs. The best time to trim nails is just after bath time because they will be much softer, just be careful not to trim the pink area called the quick. Short hair and smooth coats may shed all year and require less care. auto pet carrier will need more grooming, but all will benefit from a good daily brushing.

Bedding down for the night ~ Fido will love having a secure place to watch the family if you place a bed in a busy part of the house, such as in a kitchen or family room corner. Bean bags retain body heat and are easy to wash, but consider your dogs chewing habits when choosing! Remember to always provide water when using crates or kennels.

Playtime ~ Your canine friend will love a good game of tug of war, ball, Frisbee, or just laying around with a good chew toy from time to time. So make sure your pup has a toy you choose, rather than a household item they fancy! Romps in the park will encourage some vigorous much needed exercise, but only in a permitted place. Fido will just about want to chase anything… people… cars… the neighborhood cat… even his own tail! For safety and control always remember to use a leash.